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A group of cre8tive minds that

cre8 user centered designs, cre8 software, cre8 web applications, cre8 data visualizations, cre8 ci/cd pipelines, cre8 content management systems, cre8 and train ML models

About us

Headquartered in Washington, DC, CRE8Interactions is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) providing IT consultation and development support across the country, our culture is focused on partnership, cre8tivity, integrity, collaboration and service.

Our Clients

Our Capabilies

Multi-modal Solutions to Quickly Solve Mission Requirements

faster time to market
As federal organizations have evolved their solution development and deployment practices – moving from waterfall to Agile methods and introducing DevSecOps and Cloud infrastructure into their tool boxes over the past decade – so too have they more recently evolved the technologies at the core of their solutions. While Open Source custom development has been popular for years, many have found that the reward has not matched the cost in terms of speed of development/deployment, quality and long-term O&M cost.
We have taken a very focused approach, blending the needed technical skills for platforms like Salesforce with our Agile and DevSecOps expertise to offer the best of modern development methods with rich configurable platforms for quick return on development investment. We combine this with our Human-Centered Design approach to bring our clients’ mission owners into the design and development to tailor these platforms to produce rich multi-modal solutions that quickly solve mission requirements.

A Cre8tive Approach to Problem Solving

human-centered design evolved
Our Design & Strategy practice is integrated within our delivery teams and capability offerings to develop human-centered solutions through our Design Intelligence® (DI) process. DI is the nexus of how we define, create, and deliver products and services—grounded in the understanding of the people who use them.
The Design & Strategy team is a blend of Service Designers and UI/UX Designers who untangle wicked problems through divergent and convergent thinking—uncovering pain points and opportunities and making sure stakeholders’ needs are met within a proposed solution. They take challenges from “don’t know, could be” to “do know, should be”.

The Breadth of Cybersecurity Services

protecting clients data and systems
Since our company’s founding, cybersecurity has been, and will continue to be a core capability we develop and continually evolve in defense of our Federal clients’ missions and national interests.
For more than sixteen years, we have protected our clients’ data and systems. We continue to take pride in the expertise we provide in this area, and as we pivot to our new company vision, as CRE8Interactions, we are doubling down on providing leading cybersecurity capabilities for our clients. Our corporate experience is rooted in governance, risk and compliance, and we have expanded beyond that to provide cybersecurity services to our clients in a wide variety of areas.

The Best Data Scientists, Complex Problems, User-Focused Outcomes

achieving mission and business goals
Our team of talented data practitioners works together to solve real-world, complex data challenges. We keep our customers at the center and are guided by CRE8Interactions principles of Design Intelligence® and DevSecOps to solve problems ranging from data strategy, to data engineering and advanced machine learning.
CRE8Interactions believes that people are at the core of everything we do. Our teams value diversity of people and ideas to build the best possible solutions and are comprised of individuals with a variety of skill sets including:
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Why Choose Us?

We’re Cre8tive

We are experienced data analysts, innovative coders, and designers. We love creating applications that solve complex problems that gives you the power to bring diverse teams and stakeholders together to act in concert. We do this by creating smart, flexible, and even beautiful visual and technical solutions.

We’re responsible

We are a team of developers formed by developers with a combined experience of over 20 years of working in the IT Sector. We understand what it takes to properly gather requirements, determine the appropriate tech stack, and provide accurate timelines to satisfy our customers expectations.

We're Friendly

We are a team who genuinely loves the work that we do. We also beleive in effective communication that allows us to deliver some of the best solutions to our customers.


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